Hilleke, Honorsteel Knight Commander

“From what I have heard, Honorsteel is extremely strict and conservative,” says Izula.

“They are. They just have a lot of Northmosts in their army so they adopted much of their combat style. But I just never thought that she was this angry looking,” Gabadi replies to Izula while he tightens his grip on the blade handle even more.

Izula then looks at Amala as he responds back to Gabadi: “To me she just seems like another tall brute. I find it difficult to believe that she is a knight.”

“But the fact is, she indeed is. As much as I do not want to admit.” says Gabadi, “Are you afraid of her, Izula?” 

“I’m not afraid. I just find it strange that both Faith of Purity and Honorsteel’s soldiers dress like barbarians with their breasts and necks barely covered, while calling themselves knights.”

“Shh… Them exposing their necks like that actually give us an advantage, and we might just need all the advantage we can get, since this is Amala we are facing against. From what I have heard over the years, she is one of Isabeau’s most powerful Knight Commanders.” Gabadi says, before he turns around to face his army and shouts: “Zakojans! Our greatest danger has come! We must show no mercy!”


  • Height:  180 cm (5’11”)
  • Weight:  140 lb
  • Age:  21
  • Strength:  48
  • Aggression:  89
  • Willpower:  87


Gabadi, the Prince of Zakoja, Eldest son of the Royal family in Zakoja Village. He began practising Keokhi at the age of 7. He is very strong, proud, and explosive. As a devout Keokhi, he is able to activate the Flash Blade. 

Although he is very generous, but if his loved ones are threatened or in danger, he is very violent and dangerous.


  • Height:  170 cm (5’6″)
  • Weight:  185 lb
  • Age:  29
  • Willpower:  58
  • Strength:  94
  • Aggression:  60
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