Chance of Decapitation Cover Page

Gabadi has been held captive by Church of Honor for a week. But what differentiates him from all other captives of war is that he has been receiving the treatment that no other captives has ever gotten from General Isabeau –  Church of Honor’s military commander. She was impressed by Gabadi’s combat abilities during the Battle for Zakoja. Not only did she not chain him up, she let him keep his armor and weapon. Also, she decides to train him as a regular guild member during the day, and let him sleep inside one of the church’s underground catacomb chambers at night. Nevertheless, he is restricted to only stay inside the catacomb chamber while he is not in training. Isabeau’s plan is to convert Gabadi to Church of Honor After the first month, and have him under her command as a valuable soldier. 

However, on day 7 since Gabadi’s capture, he is 10 minutes late from the scheduled training time. Knight Vanhylde, who is one of the top elite warriors under Isabeau’s command, the one in charge for the Battle for Zakoja Campaign at the time, is sent to the catacomb chamber to investigate. During the battle for Zakoja, Vanhylde’s army encountered great resistence from Zakoja. Although Church of Honor was eventually victorious, the death ratio between the Church of Honor and the Zakoja village was almost 2 to 1, and even Vanhylde herself, was almost slain by Gabadi, if it was not Isabeau showed up who saved her life.  

Now as Vanhylde makes her way to the catacomb where Gabadi resides, she still has a grudge against Gabadi for losing their one on one duel during the Battle for Zakoja, while Gabadi has never forgiven then crime of Vanhylde slaughtering his innocent villagers in the first place.


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