3,000 miles south of Craeston, a Northmost is on her way to the ruins of Qulkhezeum.

Aleica Flayer. She is a barbarian, and a devout Puriter.

Her mission, is to recover the Stone of Cosmos – an ancient stone tablet, for the Cathedral of Purity. Her short blonde hair that makes her already beautiful face intimidatingly gorgeous, is almost fully covered by the large and heavy metal helmet she wears. Her long and elegant neck, which links her head and her tall and curvy body, is not armored and fully revealed. This leaves her neck completely vulnerable. She is of Northmost descent, a barbarian people who highly value being vulnerable in battle. The many cuts and wounds left by the swords of her enemies on the smooth and pale skin of her body, tell a story of a violent battle that she fought for honor and integrity. 

Stepping onto the rough and rocky landscape in her high-heeled metal armor boots, Aleica’s deep blue eyes intensely gaze into the blazing sun of Endor. Before she looks away, a drop of sweat runs down her right cheek, gently grazes her lusty red lips, before it drips onto the rough and rocky ground of Kosath. In contrast to the icy cold weather of the Northmost’s homeland Northen Vlurea, the warm southern climate of Kosath is tiring her down.

It’s been 8 straight hours since she left the inn, and she has not yet gotten any rest. Her stamina begins to be affected by the giant war hammer she carries on her back – a Northmost’s signature weapon.  To make the situation worse, her breasts are large, and her armor only covers the lower half of the breasts, while the upper half is shown and uncovered. Her armor tightly grips and pushes the bottom half of her breasts in place, causing the top half of her breasts to overflow the bottom. As a result, the chipped metal edge of her armor breastplate, constantly rubs and cuts into the tender inside of her large breasts, causing a great deal of pain and discomfort overtime.

She begins to exhaust.

The area she is in, is known to groups of Tomb Goblins ambushing travelers. The tales of the horrific acts that the Tomb Goblins have done to their captives, begin to flush into her mind. The Tomb Goblins are vicious and agile creatures. Although they appear short and hunched, standing only about 3’10 tall, their muscles are lean and solid. The large and veiny muscle fibers make their forearms even thicker than the upper arms. They are about two times stronger than a human male.

Although a barbarian, Aleica’s neck is long and slim, her ankles are thin and fragile, and her waist is slender. Along with her mostly uncovered large breasts, Aleica’s exhausted condition leaves her powerless to defend these weaknesses of hers. As she struggles to turn her wide hips to the right so she can take another forward step, she begins to mentally prepare herself for the worst: “If I run into another ambush by the Tomb Goblins, I will gladly die for honor.” The Northmosts believe the highest level of honor can only be achieved through death in battle.

Her long legs continue to carry her curvy and wounded body towards the ruins of the ancient city of Qulkhezum. Suddenly, the crisp sound from her metal high heels striking the pebbles of the ancient city pathway came to a stop as she bends over to pick up a small stone tablet half buried in the eroded pathway.

This moment, would change the fate of Endor forever.

On the stone, carved a word that is more ancient than the city of Qulkhezum itself: Jir’ghad.

Some say he was a prince who lived in the ancient city Qulkhezum during the Blissful Age. When he was alive, he went through unimaginable amount of suffering and loss since his early childhood that when he died, accumulated resentment carried with him was so much that some of it was unable to travel to the afterlife and remained trapped within the plane between life and death.  

No one knows Jir’ghad’s origin. Old tales spoke of a man’s deep voice echoing in a tall cave beneath the tombs of Qulkhezum, the voice echoed the utterance of Jir’ghad. A giant silhouette of a head, was seen behind the cave’s waterfall. After Qulkhezum fell, a thriving kingdom named Craeston, north of Qulkhezum, came to exist.

Craeston’s landscape is beautiful; pristine, snow covered fields, scented flowers and half frozen rivers are just a sliver of the allure Craeston has to offer, which is why the Kingdom is praised among foreigners. Craeston has very rigid laws and law enforcement, which is imposed by Faith of Purity – a religion that currently controls the entire Vlurea continent. The religion worships God and the concept of purity. Its members are mostly female knights from Craeston, the Theasta Empire, and the Kingdom of Vrutopia, mixed with a small number of female Northmost barbarians.

900 years ago, several members in Faith of Purity had a different point of view on the subject divinity, and was later exiled. And that small group had later become what the inhabitants of Vlurea know as Church of Honor today. 

Shortly after the exile, Church of Honor become increasingly interested in the teachings of Jir’ghad. Through diplomacy and strategic trust building, it borrowed the Stone of Cosmos from the Keokhis.

Aleica Flayer’s gruesome death 3200 years ago gave birth to Jir’ghad’s physical form, and her failure to retrieve the Stone of Cosmos, created Faith of Purity’s main rival: Keokhi, a religion that worships Jir’ghad as God. Some of the most brutal battles in human history, were fought over the different definitions of the idea divinity by Fatih of Purity, and by Keokhi.

Today, Church of Honor worships Jir’ghad, who perceives divinity as the complete acceptance of one’s selfishness and greed. Although Church of Honor does not have enough power to influence the making of laws in Craeston, it has always been Faith of Purity’s greatest threat, aside from Keokhi, ever since it’s creation. Although the original intention of the founding members of Church of Honor was to create more freedom and relaxation in the everyday lives of its members, the rules of Church of Honor today have become extremely strict.

General Isabeau. 23 years old, Northmost, youngest military commander in the history of Church of Honor. Her soul piercing blue eyes and short red hair with the right side completely shaved, add just the right amount of edginess to her extremely feminine face, the face of a perfect woman. But her strict and cold personality that made her rose to the top military rank in Church of Honor, is also exactly what will make her ruthlessly execute members of the church who show her the slightest hint of romantic desires. The firmness of her leadership and her deterimination to uphold discipline and honor as the core values of the church, made soldiers under her command more motivated than ever. Although these values deviate from the teachings of Jir’ghad, and a few high councils of Chuch of Honor even openly criticized her that these values are similar to the teachings of Faith of Purity, but as of now Jir’ghad has not shown any discontent towards the direction that Isabeau is leading the Church.

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