3,000 miles south of Craeston, a Honorsteel is on her way to the ruins of Qulkhezeum.

Her mission, is to retrieve the Stone of Cosmos – an ancient stone tablet, for the Cathedral of Purity. 

As she steps onto the rough and rocky landscape in her metal high heel boots, she looks into the blazing sun of Endor. Before she looks away, a drop of sweat runs down her right cheek, before it drips onto the rough and rocky ground of Kosath. The warm southern climate of Kosath is tiring her down.

It’s been 8 straight hours since she left the inn, and she has not yet gotten any rest. Her stamina begins to be affected by the giant war hammer she carries on her back – the signature weapon of an honorsteel soldier.  To make it even worse, the chipped metal edge of her armor breastplate, constantly rubs and cuts into the tender inside of her large breasts, causing a great deal of pain and discomfort overtime.

She begins to exhaust.

The region she is now in is known for groups of Tomb Goblins ambushing travelers. The tales of the horrific acts that the Tomb Goblins have done to their captives, start to rush into her mind. The Tomb Goblins are vicious and agile creatures. Although they appear short and hunched, standing only about 3’10 tall, their muscles are lean and solid. The large and veiny muscle fibers make their forearms even thicker than the upper arms. They are about two times stronger than a human male.

Even though she’s a mighty warrior, her neck is long and thin, and her ankles are thin and fragile. Along with her mostly uncovered large breasts, The Honorsteel soldier exhausted condition leaves her powerless to defend these weaknesses of hers. As she struggles to turn her wide hips to the right so she can take another forward step, she begins to mentally prepare herself for the worst: “If I run into another ambush by the Tomb Goblins, I will gladly die for honor.” The Honorsteel believe the highest level of honor can only be achieved through death in battle.

Her long legs continue to carry her curvy and wounded body towards the ruins of the ancient city of Qulkhezum. Suddenly, the crisp sound from her metal high heels striking the pebbles of the ancient city pathway came to a stop as she bends over to pick up a small stone tablet half buried in the eroded pathway.

This moment, would change the fate of Endor forever.

On the stone, carved a word that is more ancient than the city of Qulkhezum itself: Juhtar.


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